elle events

Mgazine Elle has several events:

  • ELLE STYLE AWARDS – Elle Style Awards is a respected international event in which Elle magazine awards the most prominent individuals in the areas of fashion, culture and show business for their recognizable style. The ceremony is one of the key events of the season and attracts big media attention
  • ARTELLE – Artelle is a project of cultural resposnibility started by Elle magazine with the aim  of providinig support and promotion of culture and arts
  • ELLE GALA DINNER – Elle magazine organizes a dinner for 50 chosen women from social and business elite and the premium clients. Gala dinner is a high-class event, with a carefully chosen menu, wines and program
  • ELLE APERITIVO – Elle Aperitivo is organized in an urban caffe in the city, where clients have the opportunity to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere with Aperol  Spritz and get to know all the news concerning the Elle brand