The Surčin Municipality has become richer by 5,000 oak saplings owing to a joint action of the Adria Media Group and dm drogerie markt staff, who set aside this Saturday to this unique action aimed at a healthier environment. This is the second time that the employees at the companies who initiated “Plant A Tree” drive have organized a large-scale planting drive and contributed to the implementation of the biggest project of mass forestation in Serbia,

The two companies’ employees will long remember the number of saplings measured in thousands and a day spent in nature with their colleagues and friends. In addition, as many of them point out, they have set an example to their children and believe that they will inspire other citizens to take part in the planting drive.

“We are proud that this season we will plant 200,000 saplings across Serbia, and so contribute to the beauty and health of our country. The success of the project “Plan A Tree” lies in companionship, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, partners, and citizens, without whose help we wouldn’t be able to have such significant results. We have many reasons to be pleased with what has been done, and even more reasons to persists in our fight for nature and living in harmony with it,” Ana Aleksić, member of the Adria Media Group management, said in a statement .

In the first two seasons of the “Plant A Tree” project, over 153,000 saplings were planted and about 1.5 tonne of seeds collected. The third round of this unique project this year bears the title “Four Seasons”, and the 2022 goals have in the meantime been doubled.

“This drive takes us one step closer to our goal of preserving and conscientious treatment of the environment, and we are whole-heartedly committed to it. I have no doubt that our enthusiasm, spirit, and vision will help us achieve everything that we set out to do. I am proud of my colleagues who in the previous days and months have taken part in forestation drives at different locales all across Serbia, as well as those who joined the Saturday planting drive with their families, setting a personal example of how important they find the health of our country and planet. I’d like to thank all of them, as well as our partners and volunteers, because it is precisely this joint action that demonstrates that together we can do a lot and that nothing is beyond reach. As a company, we will continue to aim high and strive for a healthier and greener Serbia for us all, as well as for the future generations,” Svetlana Jovanović Mitić, marketing and communications manager at dm drogerie markt Serbia, said in a statement

The forestation drive that took place on Saturday was the second of the three important events as part of the “Plant A Tree” project’s “The Big Week”. “The Big Week” kicked off by a planting drive at all elementary schools in Serbia, and is set to close by an Expert Forum “The Big Issue”, held at the Faculty of Forestry. Experts, representatives of institutional partners, and project associates in six different panels will be answering the big questions and signposting all future joint activities.

The “Plant A Tree Project” was initiated in 2019 by Adria Media Group and dm drogerie markt with the partner institutions: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Economy’s Forest Administration, PE Srbijašume, PE Vojvodinašume, The Serbian Reforestation Movement, The Serbian Chamber of Commerce, The Jevremovac Botanical Garden, The Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, and the Kraljevo Secondary School of Forestry. As of this year, The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, and The Environment Protection Institute will be joining our ranks as project partners.