The most powerful media and technology system in the region has expanded its range of services and, as a result of additional know-how, established Method – an agency with a unique concept.

The Method agency was formed when a team of professionals involved in media space planning and hiring joined the ranks of the Creative and Content Studio. The newly formed agency offers a full marketing service based on three main service groups: creative services; content creation and distribution services; and performance marketing (media planning and hiring). Igor Černiševski, a professional with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing is at the helm of the Method team, with Katarina Pejić heading the creative wing of the team.

“Method is quite unique in our market – an integrated agency formed by combining the key know-how of our system, taking bits and pieces from Wireless Media and the media portfolios of Adria Media Group, Adria Media Magazine, and Mondo. As a result, we now have an integrated agency at the heart of the media system, offering its clients what our system lives on daily – content, creativity, and performance. The proven expertise of our team, who have for years been producing and presenting content that propelled us to the top spot among the publishers in Serbia, has been expanded to include a team with outstanding performance results. This has allowed us to offer our clients and partners integrated campaigns with a focus on results which they cannot get anywhere else. It is precisely the focus on the clients’ final business result that lies at the foundation of our service and which will be the basis for Method’s future development,” Igor Černiševski said in a statement.

Katarina Pejić said that art and creativity inspire them, adding that the agency’s operation and all the processes are nonetheless based on science. “It’s important for us to create solutions with a precision of tried-and-true processes, as identifying the means to an end is equally important as the creative solution itself. The experience that we have gained working within our system has allowed us to offer highest-quality expertise in each sector and prioritise the quality of the content that we make, the way in which we present this product, and the number of people who will see it,” Pejić concluded.