Kurir launched campaign “Stop Violence”

Kurir has launched a campaign “Stop violence” in order to use its influence and power as a media to focus public attention to one of the most pressing problems in society. Kurir actively and systematically works on raising awareness in society by daily reporting on violence and thanks to the cooperation with relevant institutions it draws attention to the problems faced by the victims of domestic violence. At the same time, the goal of this campaign is to reach out to each victim and potential victims to warn and encourage them to react because it is the only way to stop a bully.

Kurir has significantly contributed to the vote of the new law on the prevention of domestic violence, which implies urgency, dismissing a restraining order against the abuser and prohibition of approaching the victim, as well as professional and disciplinary liability for officials who fail to act in accordance with the law. Also, thanks to the initiative of Kurir that received from citizens many calls complaining that not all police administration responded to an anonymous report, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nebojša Stefanovic sent a note to all police administrations in the country reminding that all must act upon reports of violence, highlighting the importance of responding to an anonymous report.

The „Stop violence“ campaign partners are the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Counseling against domestic violence – Safe House. The campaign is supported by many celebrities such as: basketball player Milica Dabovic, actress Kalina Kovacevic, journalist Natasa Miljkovic and singer Seka Aleksic. Although a significant success was achieved, the campaign will last as long as it needs to make Serbia better and safer place to live.