SUCCESS Lisa lepa&srećna: All printed circulation sold out in one day


Lisa readers got a monthly magazine that will help them find and foster their style and always be trendy. Moreover, the magazine offers health and love advises and gives ideas for refreshing relationships.

BELGRADE – First issue of Lisa lepa i srećna with 180 high quality pages can be found on newsstands from 17. September. This issue broke all boundaries – it was sold out in record time!

After 13 years Lisa readers got new monthly magazine that beside content about „Sve što čini život“ (What life is about)”, now will  have as well as practical advises on how to be pretty and happy for only 89 dinars. Reporting on latest trends, the magazine helps its readers to find their style and always be trendy. It also gives love advises and ideas who to repair their relationships. There is also big monthly zodiac as well as gifts for readers.

Since the first circulation has been sold out in 40.000 copies, the second circulation will be printed and from Seprember 21st  will be at newsstands.

Editor in Chief Marija Jakob said that they expected such a response since they have made something completely different:
– Working on something new is a challenge, but also enjoyment. Our redaction succeeded in this due to big support of whole ‘Adria Media Group’, with creative support from Editor in Chief of Elle magazine, Sonja Kovacs – said Marija Jakob.

Dejan Wolf, Director of People&Living Group within AMG, was proud on such a fantastic start:
– I am sure that magazine like ‘Lisa lepa&srećna’ was needed in our market. Lisa redaction made unique magazine, which broke all the records. Quality magazine always finds its way to the readers. Without their trust in us we wouldn’t make such great result” – said Wolf.