HISTORICAL PUBLISHING ACHIEVEMENT: ‘Lisa lepa i srećna’ is breaking the boundaries


Our mission is to make every issue more interesting then the previous one in order to fulfill the expectations of our readers and to thank them for their confidence in our magazine – said Editor in chief Marija Jakob

New magazine ‘Lisa lepa i srećna’ has recorder fantastic results

After first circulation (40.000 copies), was sold out in one day, more 30.000 copies were additionally printed and sold out too.


Such a high interest in a particular magazine has never been recorded.

 It can be said that this is a historical publishing success.

Editor in chief Marija Jakob said that she has never seen a magazine that made bigger success than this one:

“I can’t think of any magazine that was sold out in such a short notice. I feel great pleasure for all the faith that our readers have given to us. We are also surprised that second printed circulation was basically sold out and no copies could be found on any newsstand.”

“We wanted to be interesting and to draw attention of women of any age. We’re already working on new issue and first one and public response on it gave us huge responsibility and new tasks. We will try to make every next issue more interesting in order to keep readers attention and to thank them for on their support”.

Within 180 pages, ‘Lisa lepa&srećna’ brings a lot of practical advices for beauty and care, fashion stories, ideas for interior design, as well as news from the social and cultural aspects of life.

All of this is available for only 89 dinars.



– Monthly ‘Lisa lepa&srećna’, is a great choice because it covers topics such as beauty, fashion, health and gastronomy with much more attention and care, and also gives more interesting and useful information.


– Just by taking the magazine into your hands, you can see it’s highest quality. Topics are usually illustrated unlike any other magazines; you can read Lisa literally whole during whole month. With this publication, Adria Media Group made big step forwards and set new standards in the ‘glossy magazine’ market.