UZBUNA UZBUNA! (ALERT!) is another TV format made for YouTube in Adria Media Group production, by author Mary Nenić. New episodes of this format can be seen every Tuesday on the website or Kurir YouTube channel. Each episode deals with one social/society issue. In the conversation with experts from different areas author trying to answer on the questions: How is a phenomenon that is processed present, how it become an issue and what is the preventive act for it.

Firecrackers, alcohol and driving, eavesdropping, juvenile delinquency, trafficking, are just some of the themes and issues that Uzbuna! processes.

YouTube channel: KURIR

Start: January 2016.

REGULAR SEASON (5 episodes)

The show can be seen here.

Demographics: men – 77%,  women – 23%


Uzbuna demo

Contact: [email protected]