One step ahead: New records of and it’s new iOS app in only one day!


We are proud to annouce our new Espreso mobile application for iOS platform. Alongside with it’s Android version, it is most sophisticated and advanced app on these two platforms within the Serbian market.


Eleven months after it’s launch, portal has been enjoying a fair degree of success: In six months, it entered top ten news portals in Serbia, while website visits and it’s popularity kept rising.  Newest analytic shows that made new record in the last month – more than 8 million visits with more than 18 million pageviews. These numbers will definitely affect the ranking of best websites in Serbia in near future, in all categories.


Besides fantastic result of desktop and mobile version of, starting today we have new iOS application alongside already updated Android app. These apps are available on Google Play and Apple store


New iOS app brings significant innovations:


  • Swipe option through categories
  • Ability to select specific category
  • Sorting of the comments on the article


We are proud to announce our new Espreso mobile application for iOS platform and Android platform. We invite you to join our community, download the app and be up-to-date with entertaining news. Furthermore, through the app you can send us feedback and comments that we can use to improve and be even better.


Espreso Android app is free and can be downloaded HERE!
Espreso iOS app is free and can be downloaded HERE!


We are constantly working on building up Espreso and getting closer to our visitors!
Thank you for your trust!