Fake Kurir deceiving readers in Macedonia



News portal www.kurir.mk is not connected with Adria Media Group brands, daily newspaper Kurir and website www.kurir.rs, in any way, states Adria Media Group.

Macedonian portal www.kurir.mk is a failed attampt to manipulate the public and damage the most influential media brand in Blakan, Kurir.


We warn our readers in Macedonia that any articles published on www.kurir.mk do not represent editorial policy of our original brand Kurir, because this un-successfull copy has political background behind it.

Owner of this macedonian copycat is firm “EM medija d.o.o.” from Skopje. This firm is linked with Saša Mijalkov, ex boss of macedonian secret service – Department for Security and Counterintelligence.


Mijalkov is known to the Serbian public for his arrest at “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade. Reason was gun in his luggage.


AMG will initiate legal disputes at Macedonian and international courts in order to protect Kurir brand from any further damage.