Build your style and attitude is website which entertains, informs, inspires and educates. Every day brings the latest news about fashion and beauty trends, practical tips for male-female relationships, business topics, life stories, tips on health and beauty. It helps girls and young women to make their mind about style and attitude in general. […]

Modern, chic, always trendy, different, eclectic, inspiring… Website of the best-selling fashion magazine in the world devoted to the urban, educated women which in addition to fashion and beauty want to get information about popular destinations , impressive interior , nutrition , fitness and the world of popular culture. your “best friend “who knows which […]

Meet the world by one click   Website National Geographic Srbija is the best way to meet the world with only one click! If you peek behind the Yellow frame, you will discover greatest mysteries of the universe and the most interesting episodes in the history, discover the nature of wildlife, and understand the processes […]

VIRAL FACTORY! is website in AMG portfolio dedicated to the millennials (TG up to 35 years old) with the different/funny approach to the topics (average Affinity index for TG up to 29 is 132) .


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Fake Kurir deceiving readers in Macedonia

Fake Kurir deceiving readers in Macedonia

  News portal is not connected with Adria Media Group brands, daily newspaper Kurir and website, in any way, states Adria Media Group. Macedonian portal is a failed attampt to manipulate the public and damage the most influential media brand in Blakan, Kurir.   We warn our readers in Macedonia that any […]

Synonym for objective journalism  In addition to high-quality texts that are pushing the boundaries and stands with objective claims , which makes Newsweek known for 80 years over world wild, the site always brings the latest news from the state, foreign, the field of culture, science, technology and business. There are also articles about interesting facts and figures, […]