VIRAL FACTORY! is website in AMG portfolio dedicated to the millennials (TG up to 35 years old) with the different/funny approach to the topics (average Affinity index for TG up to 29 is 132) .


According the latest data from Google analytics has more than 2.800.000 unique visitors
and more than 17.000.000 pageviews per month. is unlike any other website – The most striking feature of the website are articles in the form of listings, which on different, interesting, viral way treats all topics – SERBIAN BUZZFEED


ESPRESO TVITER – CELEBRITIES READ TWEETS ABOUT THEMSELFS  – just the first among new forms of content which has plan to launch in order to reach its target group

ESPRESO spreads good “vibe”  – website promotes good deeds and great examples because it believes that good deed today will make a great change for tomorrow




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