COOPERATION OF THE AMG AND THE PRESS COUNCIL: Keeping up with the Journalist’s code of ethics

Adria Media Group, the largest media company in the region, has decided to improve its media content, as well as the quality of reporting, in the upcoming period, in cooperation with the Press Council.

At a meeting held on Thursday, January 25, 2018, attended by Petar Jeremić, a member of the Press Council and CEO of the Journalists’ Association of Serbia, Predrag Roganovic, Executive Director of Adria Media Group, and Branislava Majdarevic, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kurir, an agreement has been reached on a series of practical steps to be taken in order to make Kurir, already one of the most circulating daily newspapers in the country, and one of the most popular web sites, superior.

One of the key steps will be to improve media content in order to minimize complaints raised by the Press Council. Together with the Press Council, AMG will hold workshops at which journalists will be presented ways in which to produce high quality content in compliance with the Journalist’s Code of Ethics.

Adria Media Group has been a member of the Press Council since its inception in 2010. During all these years, we have been improving the quality of our reporting, following the recommendations of the Council. However, this is the first time that a large media company provides its journalists with professional training in reporting in accordance with the Journalist’s Code of Ethics, as well as providing necessary knowledge in terms of strengthening the role of the media in Serbia.