Adria Media Group and the University EDUCONS run project studying!

This cooperation will have an impact on general system improvement and quality of education, scientific research and development of other educational projects in the society


BELGRADE – Adria Media Group and the University EDUCONS signed today a cooperation agreement and as two socially responsible companies will begin work on the project study, for the first time in the field of higher education in Serbia.

This cooperation will contribute to the improvement of the quality of education, scientific research and development of other educational projects of the society, and should aim to have the formation of future media personnel and the region.

Mutual interest for the creation and development of this cooperation, with the aim of improving the education system and scientific research, Adria Media Gropu and the University EDUCONS will implement through a series of steps over the next three to five years. Programs that will be formed will include joint research, seminars, local and international conferences, exchange of knowledge and information, improvement of study programs and practical knowledge in the scientific and educational areas that are of particular interest for further development of human resources in the field of digital media.

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In addition, emphasis will be placed on the development of entirely new services and educational programs, implemented in real time and practice.

According to Vice-president of Adria Media Group Natalija Cvetković, through this way company is raising care about young people and their future to the higher level since a model of project studies, she says, is an essential model of full linking of companies and institutions in the market of higher education.


“Not only does it directly affects the modification of study programs to the real needs of personnel in the media market, but it opens up the recruitment possibilities of such formed and educated young people and is a good example for unemployment solution” said Cvetković. She also mentioned that Adria Media Group hopes that this example will run similar practice in other companies.

University Rector Prof. dr. Aleksandar Andrejević said that this contract is the beginning of transformation of University EDUCONS status towards funded institution.

“ This leads to global trends of higher education, where will so-called project studies,  scientific research and transfer of knowledge be subordinated to the needs of the companies. This is because it is the only legitimate reason for a sense of meaning and function of higher education as a service economy”, said Prof. Andrejević.

FOTO: Zorana Jevtić