The Re-Set Summit, organized by Adria Media Group in partnership with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and featuring eight online conferences held 16-27 November, was rounded off by a traditional conference titled “Sustainable Future 2021”.

Over the course of 12 days, we raised important issues and questions regarding the future of our economy, education, and health with an eye to ensuring Serbia’s and Western Balkans’ sustainable future. Over a hundred speakers took part in the discussion, including seven government ministers and two ambassadors. The conclusion reached could be summed up as follows: the post-Covid transition is a chance Serbia must not miss. It is a historic opportunity for the country, its institutions, the business sector, and the citizens to bring about a sea change and devise a sustainable future.

With its nation-wide project “Sustainable Future”, Adria Media Group has called upon the community to spring into action; to change its habits, consumption, and production; to be economical, inclusive, and solidary; to share with the powerless and the necessitous; to support innovation, digitization, education, and culture; and to ensure that each individual feels useful and needed by the society.

We would like to thank the participants for sharing their knowledge, opening up new opportunities for cooperation, and offering solutions for the pursuit of common goals benefitting the society as a whole.