People waiting in line for a trip to Mars with National Geographic magazine!

Adria Media Group and magazine National Geographic celebrated the tenth anniversary of magazine presence in Serbian language in a spectacular way . Original activation were real inspiration for all generations.


Enthusiasm on the faces of all people, who visited Delta City shopping mall in the past few days, shows incredible success that exhibition Mars up close has achieved. The exhibition was organized by Adria Media Group and National Geographic.

Virtual reality with the landing on Mars and walking on the red planet, education about 3D printing, quiz knowledge about Mars and photo activation – the transformation into cosmonauts were the major attraction, for which people have been waiting for long in line to experience it at least for a short period how is it to be on the red planet. Preparation for the colonization of Mars began with the November jubilee edition of National Geographic magazine and one of the greatest television shows ever, a series “Mars”, which is broadcast every Sunday at 20:55 on Channel National Geographic.

As part of the Science Festival, National Geographic will present the activation of weightlessness, where everyone will be able to feel how it is to be a Martian.