KURIR TV Miloš Došen on Belgrade venture forum: Adria Media Group is our key media partner


Miloš Došen, one of the organisators and president of Serbian Venture Network, has said for Kurir that investment funds, whose portfolio exceeds 400 million euros, are present at the Belgrade venture forum.


Investment funds are primarily interested in investing into equities, meaning buying out shares of the company and therefore, give firms investments, today is one of the most popular ways of investment – explained Došen, who is organizer and president of ‘’Serbian Venture Network’’


This is second year that ‘’Adria media group’’ is key media partner of the forum and Došen said he had great experience with previous work with our group:

– ‘’Adria media group’’ is our key media partner that offers us huge reach and exposure through their electronic and print publications, particularly through the websites Kurir.rs, Newsweek.rs and their print editions – said Došen at Belgrade venture forum.