I applied for the internship in the field of internet journalism out of curiosity, driven by the fact that AMG publishes a number of magazines which I personally found interesting. This was, at the same time, the first student internship I applied for, although as a sociology student I did not expect that my biography would meet the required criteria. However, after sending a cover letter and going through several rounds of selection, I was accepted as an intern in the field of web journalism.

Did I like it? Very much so! Although the internship contract was signed for two months period, I gladly accepted to extend my learning by additional 30 days.

My high expectations have been met, if not exceeded. In addition to the practical knowledge that I gained from the very first hour in the company, I also got an extraordinary opportunity to be part of a group of people who are engaged in creative work on daily basis. I am exceptionally grateful to the entire web pool team for being exquisite mentors and making me feel comfortable and accepted the entire time.

The greatest advantage of my learning process was the diversity of assignments and topics that I dealt with on daily basis which made each new day in the web pool an opportunity to gain additional knowledge in an environment characterized by a positive atmosphere. The opportunities to develop and improve my skills were mostly related to writing articles, translating from English, working on the content of the magazines, as well as to improving my skills regarding the Internet and various software applications. In addition to learning, we had the opportunity to participate in the selection of topics which made our daily tasks interesting, and what surprised me the most was the amount of responsibility that I had at one point which gave me extra motivation to try to do my best as an intern.

In my opinion, internship in the AMG is an ideal opportunity for students to gain relevant experience in journalism, within the company excelling in great headlines for years and I am grateful to everyone for a great atmosphere and the knowledge provided.

Una Kostandinović, (25), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology Department