A friend talked me into applying for the graphic designer internship in the AMG, I was  unaware of the size of the company and the level of professionalism of the employees. I must admit that after the interview I was eager to come to the testing, and later on, to start the internship.

The testing has gone well, I got clear instructions and additional explanations of the tasks that I was supposed to solve. The tasks were not overly difficult, but they were complex enough to rank the creativity and experience and predict the area you are best suited for.

Everyone in the company was cheerful, well-mannered and willing to help. When I started the internship, the newsroom staff accepted me well and helped me become a part of the team as quickly as possible, providing me with all the information necessary for me to understand the work process of the newsroom as well as on how to cooperate with other departments. They provided me with all I needed and tried to help me with all the problems I might have encountered, even though at times it meant they had to pause their work. They taught me about the duties and responsibilities of art directors, journalists, editors, advertising, marketing and photo departments, which further facilitated and shortened my working process.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that everyone has the freedom to work when and how it suits them as long as the tasks are fulfilled, which makes the work easygoing and pleasant. Another thing that I liked was the amount of work I was given, which required routine and excellent knowledge of the programs, included a dose of responsibility, and at times even the pressure of deadlines and subsequent changes, which I think is good because these are the elements of a professional internship, which made me feel trained and ready for work.

I made a lot of new acquaintances and friends, and I’m glad that I hung out and worked with such interesting and professional group of people that will forever remain in my memory as something that is rarely seen in these parts of the world. The only thing I regret is that the internship is over, but the fact that I always feel welcome at the newsroom makes me happy, and, of course, I hope that I will have the opportunity to cooperate again with my dear colleagues that made my time in their company easy and pleasant.

Nenad Matić