“I applied for the internship in Adria Media Group because I read their magazines and I was curious how they work in the web edition. Since I am generally focused on print journalism, I was hoping that online journalism would be similar enough in order for me to like it.

It turned out to be quite different! It actually turned out to be very useful for me because the web requires a more attractive and picturesque way of writing, so I had the opportunity to practice it. It was a challenge for me and it was what attracted me to web journalism. Also, I had the opportunity to learn in practice the meaning of every newsroom having its own policies and style ÔÇô it is details that make up the image of a particular edition. Going from one edition to another was difficult at times but at the same time it was a great exercise and I believe I have improved my skills. Everyone I worked with was very kind, patient and helpful, which made the hard days easier. The atmosphere was always professional, but also relaxed and cheerful.”

Dragana Milovanovi─ç,

22 (Faculty of Political Science, Journalism and Communication Department)