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For over 80 years the Newsweek magazine is the pillar of world journalism and a synonym for quality reporting in the spheres of politics, society, popular culture and science.

For decades, Newsweek is a synonim for a strong brand that offers its readers a powerful combination of news, culture, and ideas with a clear attitude – we have the first and the last say on the most important events of the contemporary world.


After a year and a half of being extremely well received by reading public, Serbian edition of the Newsweek Magazine is now going further by turning over a new leaf. Namely, Newsweek Serbia will be published as a monthly as of July 2016 issue of the magazine.

In addition to that, what will characterize this new approach to cutting-edge journalistic practices when it comes to Newsweek Serbia amounts to new sections and columns, new authors, innovative perspectives in terms of dealing with challenging topics, more than double the pages comparing to the previous weekly issues of the magazine, more refined paper for the magazine to be published on.

Moreover, the new conception of Nesweek Serbia also implies the staffs’ continuous, incessant and persistent dedication to profession at its best, of the highest standard of current journalism. An intrinsic part of this new conception of the Newsweek Serbia is undoubtedly bold, ambitious, comprehensive and articulated way of writing in both narrative and long-form journalistic style.


Newsweek Serbia will not shy away from scratching beneath the surface in order to look further than what is widely accepted as the given. Newsweek Serbia will relentlessly continue to investigate the topics the other hesitate to even think about.

Readers’ hearts and minds will also be captivated with excellent photographs and superior design. Every single piece, every article and every investigative report will be based on integrity of factual (not imagined) state of things in this life-world. Editorial team as well as staff members and contributors are obliged – by professional ethical rules and work ethics practiced by journalists writing for Newsweek Serbia – to keep always authorities at a distance. It is only our reading public that we are close to.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us as we open a new chapter of our journey because Newsweek Serbia Monthly is exactly what we have been waiting for so long to be proudly presented within the realm of media scene in Serbia.

Published: Weekly/ Monday          

Format: 20,6 x 26,6 cm        

Price: 150 RSD      

Number of pages: 80

Circulation: 12.000        

Gender structure: 33% Women, 67% Men

Target group: 30+

Higher education: 45,5%

European Investigative Collaboration

Our primary purpose is the joint reporting and publication of investigative journalism with a focus on European topics to understand how power structures affect European communities.

The basis for cooperation among EIC member organizations is the regular sharing of information and consultations on possible story ideas. We have regular meetings and work on several fronts: tackling European stories; finding, compiling, processing or analyzing big data-sets; developing under Free Software license our own Network collaborative tools, platforms und information design.

This is a non-exclusive Network, meaning that members can be part of other Networks, but only one medium or media outlet from each European country can be an EIC member, ensuring national exclusivity.

EIC’s partners include Der Spiegel (Germany), Falter (Austria), El Mundo (Spain), L’Espresso (Italy), Le Soir (Belgium), Mediapart (France), Newsweek Serbia (Serbia), Politiken (Denmark) and The Black Sea (Romania)








Editor in chief: Milorad Ivanović

Deputy editor in chief: Vojislav Tufegdžić

Photo editor: Maja Mojsovski Rašević

Art director: Darko Kačavenda

Editorial staff: Želimir Bojović, Tamara Nikčević, Aleksandar Đuričić, Branka Mitrović, Ljiljana Jorgovanović Bulatović

Advertising director – News: Aleksandra Čolić,
Advertising manager – Head News: Branko Jovičić,
Advertising manager – News: Mirko Antić,

Brand manager: Želimir Bojović,



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