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Magazine without an expiration date

Relevant and intellectually provocative magazine, National Geographic is the best educational handbook for the entire family. By showing and describing the world around us, National Geographic has become a class for itself. Magazine NG Serbia is the most read monthly magazine in Adria Media portfolio. Since its establishment until today, National Geographic is one of the few magazines that has the power to move people to think seriously and initiate change. National Geographic is a socially responsible newspaper and for 10 years of existence in the Serbian language it aimed to increase the responsibility of protecting the environment, natural resources and geographical, cultural and historical wealth. Based on exciting stories, fascinating photos and well-proven facts, National Geographic is one of the most read and most rewarded magazines in the world. National Geographic is magazine which is read and stored and always makes readers return to it.

National Geographic in Serbian has been in existence since 2006.

We believe in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world.

Price: 300 din.


Reach: 238.143





NG special editions are world-class collection of photographs, fascinating stories and proven facts about such diverse topics which have only one thing in common – life itself.

Documenting the world through the famous yellow frame, which started in 1888, notes on the history, archaeology, arts and sciences, the special editions occupies an important place in the library of each school and family.


Rate card for magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SRBIJA  you can download HERE.


Nebojša Rosić

Editorial director:
Emil Volak

Advertising Director:
Ivana Stefanović

Advertising Director – digital:
Mirjana Beljinac Kozma


Editorial team:
Igor Rill, Editor in Chief
Marija Ivoš, Art Director
Staša Miljković, Web Journalist
Jelena Ćirić, Web Journalist


Digital Content Production Manager: Vera Nikolić

Operations Manager for Magazine: Aleksandra Lazić

AMM Art Director: Tijana Stamenković
Marinko Stojaković, Advertising Manager

+381 11 6357 169,

Marko Mitrović,
Web developers:
Aleksandra Gaborović,
Predrag Šormaz,



+381 11 6357 031



+381 11 6357 268



Rotografika d. o. o

Segedinski put 72, 24 000 Subotica



Vlajkovićeva 8, Beograd, Srbija

Telefon: 011/ 6357 202



Štampa Rotografika d.o.o. Segedinski put 72, Subotica

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