KURIR.RS NEW RECORDS: News portal with highest number of pageviews in Serbia

According to the latest official statistics by Gemius audience (January), website Kurir.rs has achieved two best results in this month. While  number of users of other news portals hasn’t increased more than 3% (some of the portals even had decrease of users) , Kurir.rs has recorded growth of 8.60% in number of users. This growth rate is equal in both, desktop and Mobile versions growth of the portal.

AMG Bilten_fotke

However, what makes Kurir.rs a leader within news portals is number of page-views on the website. In January, Kurir.rs had been the most visited site with the highest number of page vies on PC, precisely 84.570.350 page views, and with that result Kurir.rs has broke through on first place in the market within news portals.  This great result is followed by the 15,97% growth in number of page views on our mobile version too. Taking this into account, Kurir.rs had more then 60 million page views  on mobile version in January. This just confirms the fact that Kurir.rs has had most loyal readers in throughout years.


We would like to take this opportunity and thank all our clients and associates on great cooperation and trust you have shown in our portal.