Wishing to offer our visitors the best possible treatment of a wide array of topics beyond celebrity-oriented website content, we have made an audacious move to rebrand as is a website that offers its readership a mixture of all the popular celebrity-related topics and lots of high-quality content in the areas of fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle, as well as other topics of interest to that most sought-after of target groups – women.


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Executice director of the Espreso group
Ana Marković, [email protected]    

Junior Brand Manager 

Andriana Novaković,

Izvršni direktor – Espreso Grupa

Ana Marković[email protected]

Direktor advertajzinga

Mirjana Beljinac-Kozma[email protected]

Brand manager

Andriana Novaković[email protected]

Office manager

Maja Jovanović[email protected]

Editor in chief

Tamara Sorak[email protected]

Deputy Editor in chief

Marta Živanović


Andrea Sekulić

Nedeljko Tišanović


Project Manager

Goran Božanović[email protected]


Marko Mitrović[email protected]