Wishing to offer our visitors the best possible treatment of a wide array of topics beyond celebrity-oriented website content, we have made an audacious move to rebrand as is a website that offers its readership a mixture of all the popular celebrity-related topics and lots of high-quality content in the areas of fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle, as well as other topics of interest to that most sought-after of target groups – women.


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Executice director of the Espreso group
Ana Marković,    

Junior Brand Manager 

Andriana Novaković,

Izvršni direktor – Espreso Grupa

Ana Marković

Direktor advertajzinga


Brand manager

Andriana Novaković

Office manager

Maja Jovanović

Editor in chief


Deputy Editor in chief

Marta Živanović


Andrea Sekulić

Nedeljko Tišanović


Project Manager

Goran Božanović


Marko Mitrović