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cosmo magayin

World #1 women magazine 

Cosmopolitan is the most sold women magazine in the world, with editions in over 100  countries.

Cosmopolitan is the best selling women magazine in the world, it’s the biggest and most iconic young women’s media brand. As such, it is the Bible for the fun and fearless woman. These women desire to be the best versions of themselves. Therefore Cosmopolitan inspires young smart & fabulous women to be extraordinary in all aspects of life.

Cosmo brings an edgy and interesting topics about career and money, trends in the digital world, fashion and beauty, health and relationships, culture and celebrities. It offers the latest advice on the subject of women’s bodies and health, relationships and sex. All this makes the Cosmopolitan complete lifestyle guide.

Our mission is to initiate the topics that are most relevant to young women, members of the millennial generation, and to have their voice heard. Our goal is to expand the horizons of our readers, give them a different perspective and enable them to live a fulfilled life.

Cosmopolitan Serbia is the first media that puts Millennial generation into focus and addresses their needs and habits.


Cosmopolitan Global Network
World’s # 1 women’s magazine
64 editions
110+ countries
100 million readers worldwide


Price: 190 din.

Circulation: 16.000

Reach: 129.183

Rate card for magazine Cosmopolitan you can download HERE.


Nebojša Rosić

Editorial director:
Emil Volak

Advertising Director:
Ivana Stefanović

Advertising Director – digital:
Mirjana Beljinac Kozma

Editorial team:
Nasja Veljković, Editor in Chief
Teodora Bogdanović, Acting Editor in Chief & Beauty Editor
Ksenija Konić, Executive Editor
Ivana Bodroški, Art Director
Tijana Žunić, Fashion Editor
Tamara Veličković, Web Journalist
Sofija Stanković, Web Journalist


Digital Content Production Manager:
Vera Nikolić


Operations Manager for Magazine:
Aleksandra Lazić


Art Director/AMM:

Tijana Stamenković

Jelena Todorović, Advertising Manager

+381 11 6357 169,


Marko Mitrović,

Web developers:
Aleksandra Gaborović,
Predrag Šormaz,



+381 11 6357 031



+381 11 6357 268



Rotografika d. o. o

Segedinski put 72, 24 000 Subotica



Vlajkovićeva 8, Beograd, Srbija

Tel: 011/ 6357 202




Rotografika d.o.o. Segedinski put 72, 24 000 Subotica

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