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Adria Media Group, leader on the media market in the region is launching news desk of the future. This fall, AMG is presenting most innovative and modern editorial staff organization in Serbian media history.
Complete vertical and horizontal integration of KURIR is made to bring the content production to its perfection. New approach to integration of video-production, print and web redactions, mobile platforms and social networks will enable content creation of highest quality. This will put Adria Media Group side by side with biggest and most prestigious media houses in the world.

Kurir is the most influential brand in the Serbian market, which is over 13 years of its existence constantly evolving in response to the challenges of the new era.

In October 2016, the brand KURIR carried out the most advanced vertical and horizontal integration. The result was the production of content improved to perfection, significantly contributed
by a new approach of connecting video production, print and web editorial boards, mobile platforms and social networks.

The main strength of Kurir is its people who are dedicated professionals, trained and developed in conjunction with the brand, thanks to which Kurir stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s well-known media.
Kurir is known for objective reporting, provocative headlines and proven exclusives, but before all by the belief that the audience and its needs are the most important. For this reason,
in addition to useful and interesting information, Kurir regularly provides to its readers i.e. visitors some benefits that can make their life easier. Special attention is paid to the clientsand its specifics.
Kurir participates actively in the promotion of important social issues, and the best example is the current campaign Stop Violence, which was launched in order to draw public attention
to one of the most pressing problems in society.

kurir-profil-3-300x203Daily newspaper

Format: 23,1 x 32,1 cm

Price: 35 RSD

Circulation: 155,000

Readership: 420,378



Rate card for daily newspaper Kurir can be downloaded HERE.


Kurir has 6 regular supplements:



On saturday
The supplement Dr Kurir reveals some modern methods of diseases prevention and treatment. It includes eminent experts’ advices and recommendations in the field of medicine, pharmacy and psychology.

Circulation: 155.000




On Wednesdays

Stars magazine writes about celebrities and public figures, brings news in showbiz, reality programs and talent competitions.

Circulation: 155.000







On Mondays

Financial Times brings a selection of news and analysis on the global economy from one of the world’s leading media.

Circulation: 155.000




On Tuesdays

This supplement is intended for the youngest readers. In addition to the beautiful illustrations and interesting brain teasers for kids, we tend to make a positive influence on the development of their mental health.

Circulation: 155.000




On Thursdays

Gurman reveals small culinary secrets, brings recipes for simple and tasty dishes, ideas for healthy meals and proposals for the festive table.

Circulation: 155.000





Twice a month, on Fridays

Moja penzija is created for older people in order to make their lives easier and more joyful. It deals with economy, society, health, entertainment and other issues related to their population and interests.

Circulation: 155.000







Kurir.rs is one of the most visited sites in Serbia. According the latest data from Google analytics Kurir.rs has more than 10.000.000 unique visitors per month. That is growth of 17,8% in last 12 months.

More about kurir.rs portal can be found HERE.



Director of daily newspaper Kurir: Aleksandar Pejović

Editor in Chief of integrated brand Kurir: Nemanja Pajić

Editor in Chief assistance: Branislava Majarević

Production managers: Milan Rašević, Branislav Bjelica, Aleksandar Đondović, Jelena Spasić

Digital Editor in Chief: Mladen Radulović

News: Ivan Čorbić

News – Politics: Jelena Velinović

News – Chronic: Rajko Nedić

News – Society, Belgrade, Vojvodina, Serbia: Aleksandar Mitrović

News – Economics: Maja Marčeta

News – Planet: Andrija Ivanović

Stil: Nataša Bajat;

Stars: Milica Crnogorac

Kultura: Ljubomir Radanov;

Sport: Goran Anđelković

Photo: Maja Mojsovski Rašević

Art Director: Aleksandar Panić

Deputy Art Director: Mirko Nestorović

Video production Director: Igor Šanjević

Video production Editor: Ratko Femić

Community manager: Miloš Lončar

Head of photo and video production: Maja Mojsovski Rašević



Sales: +3811635-70-31


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